The Certified Italian Espresso

Espresso is one of the one of the most successful symbols of made in Italy worldwide. The Italian Espresso National Institute protects its tradition and quality through the Certified Italian Espresso

Istituto Espresso Italiano (IEI) safeguards and promotes the original Espresso through a product certification (certificate of product conformity Csqa n. 214 - 24 September 1999, DTP 008 Ed.1). Each member company which complies with the certification requirements has the right to use the mark Espresso Italiano Certificato (Certified Italian Espresso). To guarantee consumers who choose to drink espresso at coffee bars bearing this mark, a strict technical specification has been issued, requiring the use of a certified coffee blend, certified equipment (machine and grinder-dispenser) and licensed personnel. The compliance of the three conditions above is supervised by the experts of IEI and by the auditors of the Certifying Body.

What is the Italian Certified Espresso?
On sight, a Certified Italian Espresso has a hazel-brown to dark - brown foam – characterised by tawny reflexes – with a very fine texture (absence of large mesh and larger or smaller bubbles). The nose reveals an intense scent with notes of flowers, fruits, toasted bread and chocolate. All of these sensations are felt also after swallowing the coffee in the long lasting aroma that remains for several seconds, sometimes even for minutes. Its taste in round, substantial and velvet-like. Sour and bitter tastes are well balanced and neither one prevails over the other. There is no, or a barely perceptible, astringent taste.